Age Scotland seeking views

Age Scotland is seeking your views on housing and household energy

Age Scotland has launched a new housing survey of all people aged 55 and over in Scotland.

They are asking for help in ensuring that as many people as possible fill out this survey, as the results will be crucial to future work on developing policy that represents the interests and needs of Scotland’s older people.

You can find the digital version on their website at age.scot/housingsurvey and you can order extra paper copies by calling 0333 323 2400 or e-mailing policycomms@agescotland.org.uk

Why your views are needed

Age Scotland works closely with the Scottish Government, politicians, and policymakers to provide data and insight into how older people experience many aspects of their lives. They want this data to be as representative as possible so that they can be accurate in recommendations and advocacy work.

The previous national housing survey took place in 2017 and the results have been used to strengthen the Scottish Government’s older people’s housing strategy, improved the recent Planning and Fuel Poverty Bills in the Scottish Parliament, and helped evidence calls for housing providers to deliver the improvements, adaptations and services older people truly need and want.

In addition to helping Age Scotland with future work, you also will have the chance to win one of five £50 cash prizes for filling out the survey.

This new survey will help continue to build an evidence base on how well older people are living in their homes. It has been well recognised that housing has a profound impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Whether you live in a warm, comfortable house which you can easily move around in or one that is leaky, cold and which you don’t feel fully mobile in, has implications for how well you live and age.

The survey will be open until the 19th January 2020, but please get your views in as soon as possible.

Once you have completed the survey please return it to this address – no stamp is required.

Freepost RTYS-YJJX- HUYA,     

Scotinform Ltd,    21 Young Street,    

Edinburgh,   EH2 4HU