Annual Charter Performance Report is now available

Our Annual Charter Performance Report is now available on our website. This report sets out the service quality and value for money that all current and future service users can expect from us. We have high standards and want to be open and transparent about how we are doing, which is why all information is available whenever you want to see it.

The survey showed 79.8% of our tenants were satisfied with the overall service we provide, and 77.1% were satisfied with our repairs and maintenance service. 81.5% of tenants were satisfied with opportunities to participate in our decision-making processes. There were some areas of our service where satisfaction was lower than we would like and where improvements are needed. We have consulted with CaRTO to develop an action plan to help address these issues.

All landlords must report their results every year to the Scottish Housing Regulator www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk. The Regulator takes all the information and produces an annual report so you can see how we compare against other landlords. This report is published annually and is available on the Regulator’s website.

If you would prefer to have a printed copy of our Annual Charter Performance Report, know more about how we report on our performance, or if you would like to get involved in scrutinising our performance, please contact our Tenant Participation Officer; Catherine Coutts on 01224 628109 or catherine.coutts@castlehillha.co.uk