Castlehill is Happy to Translate

Castlehill Housing Association understands that for those who English is not their first language, attending appointments and completing forms can be very stressful. For this reason, we are delighted to be adopting the Happy to Translate scheme which bridges communication gaps between organisations and service users who struggle to communicate in English.

We want to do our best to ensure that our current and prospective tenants have all the information they require regardless of their language or cultural background.  By adopting the Happy to Translate scheme we now have fully trained frontline staff working with the Happy to Translate toolkit. The toolkit has many useful ways to enable staff to understand the requirements for those for whom English is not their first language and arrange interpretation or translation for them.

Tenants and prospective tenants can feel confident that all aspects of a Castlehill tenancy can be fully understood. By promoting equal access to information and services our staff can use the toolkit to ensure that difficulties can be addressed and that clients do not feel marginalised because of a language barrier.

Using Happy to Translate means that Castlehill can offer workable solutions for language issues that may arise, to people who need our services. Should you need something translated or interpreted you only need to ask and staff can arrange this for you.