Our Power administration will not impact supply

Many Castlehill tenants will have seen on the news that energy provider Our Power has gone into receivership. On Friday they issued this statement: https://mailchi.mp/ec276bde5ff3/friday-news-699783?e=0a40d51354

The Association is aware that many tenants are current customers of this provider and we understand that you will be concerned about the effect this will have on your energy provision.

Castlehill has been told that this should have no real effect on your energy supply but remind tenants that they will continue to be liable for the cost of the energy they use. Tenants should make reasonable provision for this, and if they currently pay by standing order or direct debit, we advise putting regular payments aside to enable payment to the new supplier once they are appointed. We understand those paying by Allpay card should continue  to top up as usual.

The government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK, Ofgem, is responsible for appointing a new supplier to take over Our Power customers. Tenants are fully protected; credit balances are protected and no-one will be cut off or be charged for the change of supplier. Ofgem’s advice is to ‘sit tight’ and not switch suppliers as nothing will change with your energy provision. You are advised to take a meter reading as this will enable to make the transfer to the new supplier much smoother.  You will be contacted once a new energy supplier is chosen and they will advise you about your tariff.

Should you need additional advice about this issue the Home Energy Scotland advice service on 0808 808 2282. Ofgem advice is available here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/extra-help-energy-services/ofgem-safety-net-if-your-energy-supplier-goes-out-business