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During the Covid-19 crisis, Castlehill is working hard to provide tenants with as much of our services as we can, without putting tenants or staff at unnecessary risk.

In line with government advice, our office is now fully closed, and staff members are continuing to work remotely.  In a fast-changing and complex situation, we will endeavour to keep information on our service provision as up to date as possible, there will be times where this will not be possible.

Rest assured everyone is pulling together to deliver what we can.  We trust you will bear with us.

Information and links to advice and assistance can be found here.

Housing Service

You can still speak to your Housing Officer by calling 01224 625822.  Our Housing Officers are available to give advice and assistance by phone, and if you are experiencing any difficulty in paying your rent or your need advice or assistance please phone them.


Housing staff will be carrying out welfare checks with our tenants, just to make sure you have the help you need throughout this difficult time.  Staff will try to ensure that the right support is being put in place, and if required will point you to information and organisations available. You may receive a call from a staff member – and if you have concerns you can call the office on 01224 625822.


Property Services – repairs 

You can still report emergency repairs as normal, either by calling the repairs line during office hours Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm on 01224 628104 or 01224 625822 (option 2). 

We are currently only able to carry out emergency repairs and all repairs may take more time, depending on the availability of contractors. Our Property Services Officers will be available to advise over the phone where possible.

Communal areas –  cleaning services

Following the UK Government plans to step up measures to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent reinforcements from the Scottish Government, Castlehill had previously decided to stop communal cleaning services for our general needs stock.  We now have further guidance and some form of cleaning service is in place for all of our stock.  You may have noticed a change in the service; it may now be at a different time/day, there may be reduced hoovering and more disinfectant cleaning to high touch areas and/or there may be a different cleaner in place.  Cleaning contractors have provided the Association with up to date risk assessments and will have the relevant Personal Protective Equipment for their role.

However, due to the current social distancing requirements regarding COVID-19, there will continue to be very limited communal area cleaning taking place in our Sheltered and Amenity schemes.  This is due to the requirement for social distancing and issues regarding contractors getting to and from sites. We would ask tenants not to use these areas and follow govt advice to stay in their homes this includes the common rooms.  This is under regular review and will change as the current travel and social distancing situation gets updated by the Government.


If you have any queries regarding the cleaning of communal areas in the scheme where you live, please email your Housing Officer or call 01224 625822.

Communal garden maintenance

Due to the current social distancing requirements regarding COVID-19, there is very limited communal gardening maintenance taking place.  This is due to the requirement for social distancing for the contractors getting to and from sites.  This is under regular review and we will keep you updated as the current travel and social distancing situation gets updated by the Scottish Government.


Essential Safety Checks and Servicing 

We are continuing to carry out gas boiler safety checks and servicing, this is to ensure the appliance is operating safely.  Please arrange access for this when contacted.  If you are self-isolating please make us aware of this. 

We will be continuing to carry out essential lift safety checks and servicing, service engineers will not need access to your home but will need access to the common areas to carry out these works.


Planned maintenance 

We have decided to delay our planned maintenance (e.g. kitchen or bathroom replacements) for this period.  Further updates will be available when we have them.


Key Project 

You can still speak to a member of the team by calling 01224 625822. In line with government guidance to stay at home, appointments cannot currently take place. 

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We’ve created a handbook with the help of tenants, for tenants. It has been designed as a guide to refer to at the start, during and at the end of your tenancy.

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