Rent Review Consultation 2020/21

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Rent Review Consultation 2020/21

As a Scottish Secure Tenant of Castlehill Housing Association, you have a right to be consulted about any proposed changes to the rent for your home. The Association reviews the rent annually and the process of setting the rents for 2020/21 is now underway. Castlehill’s Management Committee is responsible for setting rent levels and this will be done at their meeting on 16th December 2019.

In the past, we have used the September RPI inflation measure as the reference figure for rent review, with increases often set at RPI+1%. This year we have moved to using CPIH as the reference inflation figure, as this is now recognised as the main measure of consumer price inflation that includes housing costs. The Committee has, therefore, asked that we consult with tenants on a proposed increase of 2.7%, which is September CPIH+1%. For comparison, rent increases were 3.9% in 2018 and 2.9% in 2019.

Rents are the main source of Castlehill’s income and we consider the rent review in terms of achieving a balance between keeping rents affordable and meeting all our obligations as a registered social landlord, including managing, maintaining and upgrading our homes, complying with all legislative, regulatory and health & safety obligations and meeting loan repayments.

It should be noted that the proposed 2.7% increase applies only to rents and that service charges will be individually reviewed on a scheme by scheme basis and charges set only to cover the costs of the actual services you receive. Following tenant consultation last year, we will be providing a more detailed breakdown of service charges when the notification letters go out to everyone next February.

We welcome your comments on the proposals in this letter and any responses will be put to the Committee before they make their final decision on 16th December. If you wish to comment, there are several ways that you can do so:

– You can give us your feedback online Rent Review Consultation 2020/21.

– You can write to our Housing Services Manager, Mhorag Ewen, at 4 Carden Place, Aberdeen, AB101UT

– Email info@castlehill.co.uk .

In order that the Committee can consider all comments, please respond no later than Friday 6th December 2019. Revised rents will apply from April 2020.