Stock Condition Survey

Castlehill have appointed a contractor to carry out stock condition surveys.

Rapleys, a Property Consultancy company, will be visible on many Castlehill sites from the 9th of May as they undertake stock condition surveys.  This is an important process that is undertaken to allow the Association to best understand how to maintain tenants’ homes.

Rapleys will be conducting surveys at all our schemes, so you may see people in communal areas and carparks. Please be assured that Castlehill are aware of their presence and have given them permission to undertake this work.

As part of the survey process, Rapleys will also need access to some of our tenants’ homes and they will be contacting tenants directly to arrange this.  We would appreciate co-operation where possible, however there is no need to cancel other commitments or to sit in all day and wait if it is inconvenient as Rapleys will make alternative arrangements to access different properties if required.