Take part in our Allocations Policy Review

We’d like your opinion on how Castlehill allocates properties, by completing a short survey to help us shape our allocations policy for the future.

What is the Allocations Policy?

Access to all social housing is governed by legislation and guidance received from the Scottish Government.  Our Allocations Policy sets out our legal obligations for the allocation of our housing stock and explains how we prioritise our applicants, taking into consideration the needs, demands and where possible, the aspirations of applicants.  The policy is needed to make sure there is clear and transparent guidance on how we match people who apply for housing with the properties that become available.  Our available properties are advertised on a choice-based letting system called Homehunt.

Why are we reviewing our policy?

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 has now been passed by the Scottish Government and the provisions relating to Allocations come into force from 1 May 2019.    All social landlords must comply with this legislation when managing their housing lists and allocating housing.  Within these legal constraints, landlords have discretion to develop allocation policies in line with local priorities.   As a result of this, we will work with tenants and applicants to review and amend our Allocations Policy so that it reflects these features and captures their priorities.

How can I get involved?

Your feedback is important to us so we hope you can spare a few moments to tell us your views.

Our online survey is available here and takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.  If you prefer to print it, you can find it here.  If you’d like to read the current policy, click here.

Paper copies of both the current allocations policy and the survey are available from our office, or talk to your housing officer and scheme managers.

What happens next?

The survey will close on 21 December 2018.  We will use your feedback to prepare a revised draft Allocations Policy for CaRTO (Castlehill Registered Tenants Organisation) to review prior to being presented to the Housing Management Sub Committee in March 2019.  Following Committee approval, the revised Allocations Policy will be implemented on 1 May 2019.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the allocations policy review, please call 01224 625822 or email info@castlehillha.co.uk