You said – we did

Last year we held workshops during our rent consultation.

This time last year, the Association held three workshops across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire about how the Association should consult about how it sets the rent.

Feedback from those sessions told us that tenants wanted to know more about what the service charge pays for.  A meeting has taken place between CaRTO and staff from Housing Services and Finance to talk about how to take this forward.  Following a detailed discussion, a way forward has been agreed.  From April 2020 tenants will be sent a breakdown of what the charges are for, that make up the service and provision charges.

The Association understands why tenants want to know more about what the service charge covers, and we are hopeful that the new format will provide that additional information.  CaRTO will be kept up to date with the progress towards this and we look forward to receiving further feedback when this is in place.