Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is an arrangement where you can swap homes with another Castlehill tenant or another registered social landlord tenant, i.e. a tenant from another housing association, council or housing co-operative.  Each landlord has to grant permission, subject to their exchange policy.

Castlehill is able to process mutual exchange applications.

The Association requires a number of conditions to be met before a mutual exchange can be approved: 

*  A satisfactory tenancy reference from the applicant’s landlord.

*  Our tenant’s tenancy accounts must be up to date including rent, rechargeable repairs, heating charges and legal expenses.

*  An inspection of our tenant’s property must be carried out with one of our Property Services Officers.

*  Any repairs identified must be carried out by our tenant or paid for in order for Castlehill to complete them.

These conditions must be met prior to permission being granted.  If all of the above conditions are not met the exchange will not be approved. 

Once you apply, you will receive a decision within 28 days.  You must not make any plans to move or start packing.  If the property services officer is unable to carry out a full inspection due to no access because of boxes or furniture being misplaced, it will delay a decision or may result in your application being declined. 

If your exchange is approved we would ask that you adhere to Government guidelines regarding social distancing during the removal of your belongings.    

We are a member of House Exchange, a website that allows you to search for a suitable property from registered social landlords and local authorities. House Exchange is a quick and easy way to find other people who are looking to swap homes. You register online and browse the site for potential matches. This is a nationwide service. You can download a mutual exchange form here.

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