Arrange repairs

We have a dedicated Property Services department responsible for repairs and maintenance of Castlehill homes. Should you need a repair in your home, please get in touch with your Officer and they will arrange for our contractors to carry out the work.  In an out-of-hours emergency please call 01224 625822 and follow the information provided.

To organise a repair please contact our Property Services team on 01224 628104 or email:  and they will arrange it for you.

As a Scottish Secure Tenant, you have a statutory right to have certain repairs carried out within timescales in accordance with the “Right to Repair” included in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

Timescales for these repairs are available here.

The time it takes for repairs to be carried out depends on how serious they are. All response repairs are classified with different target response times.

Under your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for certain types of damage to your home. These are classed as rechargeable repairs and invoices for this type of repair will be applied to your account.  You can view information on what type of repair is classified as a rechargeable one and what happens should you refuse to pay or ignore a recharge.

Your Guide To Your Tenancy

We’ve created a handbook with the help of tenants, for tenants. It has been designed as a guide to refer to at the start, during and at the end of your tenancy.

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