Management Committee Meetings 2020

All Committee meetings will take place in the meeting room at Castlehill offices at 11 Waverley Place unless otherwise indicated. Agendas for these meetings are available in the links below, with minutes being available on request.

The Castlehill Management Committee has ultimate responsibility for the overall control of the Association to ensure it is properly governed, financially viable and properly managed.
Meetings of the Management Committee will take place 6 times a year and will usually meet in the Waverley Place meeting room, unless otherwise indicated.

Since the pandemic, the Management Committee continue to meet via video call. The dates of their meetings are as follows:

24 February – 2 pm

25 May – 2 pm (video call)

27 July 2020 – 11 am  – ARC approval meeting (video call)

24 August 2020 – 1 pm (video call)

21 September 2020 – 12.30 pm  (video call)

26 October 2020 – 2 pm

14 December 2020 – 11 am followed by buffet lunch with staff



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